Employee Leave Management Software/System in UAE

The intricate system of leave request and approval systems are quite frustrating for HR departments to handle. Vacations, sick leaves, paid leave, unpaid leaves, compensatory leaves etc create an enormous miscalculation and delay in the CORE HR processes.

Humantiz ensures an uncomplicated and convenient leave management software that configures all kinds of leave requests and converts those email requests into leave requests in the apt format in Open HRMS. We also validate the transparency of the company leave policy to the team.

Our multiple request approval point systems make sure the required review of concerned authorities in approval of the leave request. We let you manage the coincidental request by designating the tasks to available employees.

The process of managing the leaves of multiple employees can be even more complicated. In some of the organizations, the HR personnel manually track the leaves, whereas some maintain using spreadsheets. The inaccurate record can lead to overpayment of the employees and impact the resources of an organization. This is why it is necessary for companies to invest in the best employee leave management system in UAE to ensure the record for each employee is up-to-date.

Real-time information

Humantiz Leave Management software provides access to real-time data of the records of different employees. The managers will have complete access and can track the schedule or attendance for each employee. The leave adjusters can make informed decisions and can even analyze the attendance record history.

The critical task of leave approvals and attendance records can be maintained with a limited amount of human intervention. In addition, the policies can be adjusted according to the organizations, which will further help you prevent penalties.

Reduces paperwork

Having a dedicated leave management system in place reduces the amount of paperwork significantly. The employees can conveniently apply for leaves within a click of a minute, and will not have to get any inquiry or application in printed format. There will be no need to print and get it approved by the senior management in the company. Whenever an employee files for leave via our leave management software in UAE, the leave adjusters will be notified.

The leave adjusters can even enable the automatic leave request application feature in case of their absence. The software even lets you define multiple approval points for the leave requests. It ensures that the critical task of leave management can be completed via another professional in absence of the concerned person.

Improved communication

It is a common practice that team members ask each other about their plans before applying for a leave. However, with a dedicated and centralized employee leave management system, team members can easily check the status of availability of other members. Our software, thus, makes it easier for the employees to check and plan their leaves accordingly.

Regulatory compliance

Adhering to the regulations and compliances can be complex. With the leave management software, it becomes easier to update all the policies and regulations. If a company has specific policies regarding the leave structure, they can update it accordingly.

 Our employee leave management system is flexible and customizable. With the help of our software, the experts and HR professionals can ensure that there are no lapses and all the regulations are followed. It will ensure that your organization doesn’t face any kind of penalties or fines from any authority.

Enhanced security

Our leave management software is protected with various safety features. All your data will remain safe in our software. It will comprise all the information related to leave lapse, leave balance, and leave that may be carried forward.

Investing in our Employee Leave Management System in UAE helps increase the overall performance and enhances the productivity of the employees. It provides a better platform for the employees to understand their company and leave policies in a better manner. The employees themselves will have access and can manage their leaves accordingly. Even the minor timing issues can be recorded with our software. All this data can be used to calculate and process the correct payroll and payments.

Highlights of Leave management system

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Humantiz HR management software is more than a human resource monitoring and tracking system, it has become a necessity for all businesses to run their operations in a hassle-free way.

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Alerts and Notification

This feature is beneficial for companies facing difficulties in tracking and monitoring imperative document expiry and renewal of your team.


Get the trust of your employees when it comes to payroll processing. Our software solution offers guaranteed error-free pay at the right time.

Core HR

Over the past few years, the world’s economy is fluctuating with every passing day. Businesses demand robust strategies and driving protocols.

Attendance Management

A daunting task for the companies to manage operating time and attendance for every employee.

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Humantiz Lite


  • Employee Onboarding

  • Employee Data Management

  • Document Management

  • Leave Management

  • Payroll Management

  • Full & Final Settlement

  • Gratuity Management

  • Leave Salary Management

  • All related reports

Humantiz Pro



  • Integration with Biometrics/ RF Card/ Facial Recognition

  • ESS Self Service

  • Multi-Branch

  • Workflow Management

  • Attendance Management

  • Overtime Calculation

  • Basic shift Management

  • Multi-Level Approvals

  • Letters & Certificates Auto Templates

  • Loans & Advances Management

  • Traffic Fine Management

  • Exit Management

  • All related reports

Humantiz Ultimate



  • Multi-Company

  • Performance Management with Salary Apprisal

  • Salary Apprisal History with the performance summary

  • Reimbursement & Replenishment

  • Shift Management

  • Shift Scheduling

  • Accommodation Management

  • Integration with ERP

  • Mobile App

  • Geo Tagged attendance marking

  • All Related reports

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