About Us

Humantiz is the world’s best human resource software solution to increase profit by making a productive workforce more efficiently. We help organizations manage the human capital, business processes, and operations with an integrated suite of cloud-based HR modules that includes talent management, compliance management, payroll management and expense reimbursement. The company aims to provide solutions for every demand of an organization, from payroll processing, benefits management and labour law compliance to training management, performance reviews, work schedules, employee onboarding, engagement surveys and analytics tools to manage the employee lifecycle.

We intend to provide not mere services but a set of tools that will let your company manage tasks and workflow in a much more efficient manner in a minimal period. These tools for HR management, payroll management and time tracking will boost the productivity of employees and help the company save on overhead costs while achieving greater output. Our mission is to provide the world’s leading companies with an all-inclusive HR management system to help them increase profit and reduce costs.

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