Employee Self Service(ESS) Management System UAE

Similar recurring problems and applications consume a lot of time for the HR department when it comes to employee requirements. Since time is a valuable determinant in the company’s work productivity, it must be saved as much as possible.

The Humantiz ESS portal lets the employee manage and run their requirements without necessarily summoning authority control points. ESS portal invites the employees to become a part of the HR management where they can update their details directly, and their details updated will be verified by respective valid proof uploaded by them. It also allows them to reach new opportunities under the same organization using their skills.

The ESS portal is a necessary and advanced tool for developing companies to make your team actively participate and manage their needs and requests.

Make your HR department more efficient with our employee self-service software

Employee-self service saves the time of the admin team by around 40%. The employees can upload their documents themselves with ease or can apply for leaves with a few clicks. They will not be required to mail and follow up with the concerned until the final decision is implemented. The uploaded records can be easily accessed by the concerned human resources people. This saves the time and effort that goes into streamlining the whole process.

The human resource department people can further invest their time in completing other key tasks, such as finding the right talent and building employee engagement. The HR self service portal makes the workflow easier and adds convenience to the life of both HR and employees.

Get rid of the common queries

The employees might have different queries, regarding the leave applications, policies, compensation, and other critical aspects. With a powerful employee self-service system, HRs can get rid of these redundant questions. All these aspects will be answered via our centralized and secure employee self-service software UAE.

Avoid wasting time and maintain accuracy with our employee self-service management system

With paper-based processes and email communications, there are chances of getting errors in the process. It may get daunting to track data of all the employees and recall what was mentioned in the mailbox. With our employee self-service (ESS) management system UAE, you will have all the information and data stored safely in our centralized system. The employees will be liable for filling their own timesheets and daily updates. Thus, the chances of errors in payrolls also get further reduced with an employee self-service management system.

Access data anytime, anywhere with ESS

Whether the employees are working in the office or remotely, there are no restrictions and they can easily update their information using our employee self-service management system UAE. It reduces the time and effort that may be involved in following the entire process. With a manual process, there will be an exchange of documents, emails, and papers. This can be time-consuming and may even lead to the cost of printing the paper.

With our HRMS software and employee self-service, the employees will not have to be physically present in the office. They can simply log in using their credentials from any part of the world and update their documents.

Reduce costs and maximize efficiency with our employee-friendly employee-self service ESS

The employees can even request attendance regularization and apply for work permits. ESS services and HR management system increases employee engagement and allows them to complete their documentation easily. They can simply complete the tasks within minutes and a few clicks, which allows them to further focus on their work. ESS will even maintain the level of accuracy since all the documents have been uploaded directly by the employee.

There is no intermediary involved in the entire process of documentation. ESS services help save the time of HR professionals and eliminate the need for maintaining different databases. Maximize the efficiency of your employees with Humanitiz employee self-service solutions.

What all do we offer under the ESS portal

Glorious vision with a great team is futile

Humantiz HR management software is more than a human resource monitoring and tracking system, it has become a necessity for all businesses to run their operations in a hassle-free way.

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Products Features

The utmost solution for Human capital management

Alerts and Notification

This feature is beneficial for companies facing difficulties in tracking and monitoring imperative document expiry and renewal of your team.


Get the trust of your employees when it comes to payroll processing. Our software solution offers guaranteed error-free pay at the right time.

Core HR

Over the past few years, the world’s economy is fluctuating with every passing day. Businesses demand robust strategies and driving protocols.

Attendance Management

A daunting task for the companies to manage operating time and attendance for every employee.

human resource management
covers all your need

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Humantiz Lite


  • Employee Onboarding

  • Employee Data Management

  • Document Management

  • Leave Management

  • Payroll Management

  • Full & Final Settlement

  • Gratuity Management

  • Leave Salary Management

  • All related reports

Humantiz Pro



  • Integration with Biometrics/ RF Card/ Facial Recognition

  • ESS Self Service

  • Multi-Branch

  • Workflow Management

  • Attendance Management

  • Overtime Calculation

  • Basic shift Management

  • Multi-Level Approvals

  • Letters & Certificates Auto Templates

  • Loans & Advances Management

  • Traffic Fine Management

  • Exit Management

  • All related reports

Humantiz Ultimate



  • Multi-Company

  • Performance Management with Salary Apprisal

  • Salary Apprisal History with the performance summary

  • Reimbursement & Replenishment

  • Shift Management

  • Shift Scheduling

  • Accommodation Management

  • Integration with ERP

  • Mobile App

  • Geo Tagged attendance marking

  • All Related reports

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