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The manpower needs are not fulfilled with making a hire, rather it ends only when the hired personnel is able to take up the responsibilities and perform the assigned tasks with ease. The hired employee needs to be trained about the working of the organization, its modus operandi, and the main goals. This training session is like a crash course in which the new joiner is taught about the company’s principals, working structure, goals, ways to tackle common issues etc. It is an important part of recruitment before the new hire gets into the normal workflow. Without this training session, the employees may take days, weeks and even months to get into the normal workflow, perform up to standards, and give desired results.

At Humantiz Infotiz Solutions LLC, we are actively engaged in providing the best training management software module that would help you train your employees for better productivity. What makes our training management software stand apart from other software modules are that it not only provides training to the new hires but also helps in training the already working employees for a boost in productivity.

The training software module offered by us enables you to devise different training programs for different employees based on their roles, designation, experience, skills, talent profile, and their specific needs. It also assesses the competencies of different employees according to their roles to find the skill set in which training is required in their position. It proactively carries out different training programs to ensure that the organization meets the skill set requirement for company growth. With so many interactive features offered by our Humantiz training software module, it is important that you use it once for automated workflow and increased productivity.