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Humantiz Infotiz Solutions LLC offers excellent web-based software for keeping a check on the attendance and time of the employees. Our software is integrated with biometric attendance device which helps in keeping the records of attendance which further helps in regulating absenteeism and generating payroll. These records of employee attendance and time also prove invaluable in case of auditing. This time and attendance software by Humantiz enables the organization to keep a track of the punctuality and work time of all the employees of the company. With the attendance management system offered by us, you can track the attendance of your employees working anywhere in the world.

The attendance management system by Humantiz is one of its kind cloud-based software that offers real-time integration with all types of attendance devices. Just install our software on your device, while it is connected to LAN, to get all your time devices automatically detected and synchronized with our analytic server. You will notice various benefits of our time and attendance management software instantly after installing and integrating it with your existing hardware. You no longer have to meddle with your software or upload the attendance manually; the Humantiz attendance management software takes away all your pains.

This software runs in the background and proactively warns the people of incomplete swipes or failed swipes. It even helps you recover and retrieve any type of information or logs even if the network has been down for several days. This software works according to the different shifts, holiday policies, and working hours of employees and feeds and manages their attendance accordingly. Our attendance management system is also capable of working for constant shift rotation schemes if your organization desires so. So, get in touch with us to get your attendance maintained along with effective integration with financial analysts for payroll management.