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Humantiz Infotiz Solutions LLC offers an all-inclusive web-based payroll and processing management software that caters to the unique demands of various companies. At Humantiz, we are dedicatedly working to simplify the tedious daily tasks related to accounting and management. Our solutions are catering diverse needs of various organizations have helped them to add accuracy ease and speed in the various processes of accounting and payroll processing. The payroll and processing software package offered by us is versatile and user-friendly, ensuring user-defined earnings, calculations, deductions, loan head calculation using various formulas and tricks. With our software package, we ensure that the HR leaders of the organizations can align their strategy to focus on company growth without worrying about other operations like calculation and management of payroll and other benefits.

Our payroll processing mechanism substantially reduces the calculation errors and helps the HR team to track any compliance changes before processing and compiling the payroll reports. With our end-to-end payroll and administration software service, we help organizations in streamlining their payroll management processes. Stop engaging your HR staff in processing the payrolls of employees; get the Humantiz payroll management software to simplify their daily tasks and help them to focus on strategic HR jobs for company’s growth.

The payroll processes included in our web-based payroll processing and management services are:

  • Add the data of new employees, manage the data of current employees and remove the data of those who have left the company
  • Calculate salary for each payroll month and process salary
  • Keeping the salary on hold or freezing it in case the employee is terminated
  • In case of any changes or absenteeism, calculating the pro-rata for the employees
  • Print and process the pay slips for the employees who require it
  • Sorting, categorizing, grouping, and calculating the sub-total, grand total etc., instantly for any requirement

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