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An organogram is an organizational chart which decides the flow of authority from the highest level to the lower ones. It establishes a relationship between the different levels and positions in the organization and ascertains that every work is done as per the said order. At Humantiz Infotiz Solutions LLC, we are experts in chalking out the perfect organograms for various organizations across different industry verticals. We understand the company goals, its working process, the different departments in the organization and their working process, and other such things. After discussing all those things, we chart out an organogram or organizational chart that would establish a relationship between the different hierarchies in the company while also ensuring that the end goals are met.

The organograms that we draft enable the organizations in importing the team members, adding custom fields, sharing details, dragging & dropping of roles, accessing photo boards and getting this information printed to PDF. There are various features available in the organograms that we chalk out for various organizations. These include: showing of employee-manager relationship, employee details, assistance in understanding the alignment of the business groups, display of chain of commands, showing the departmental responsibilities, etc.

The organizational reporting cart system holds great importance for any company and our charts are the best for improving the efficiency and relations between the manager and the employees. These charts can easily provide a visual representation of the company’s reporting structure, can be updated easily to add information of new employees, and can even be used to generate report and employee profiles for various needs.