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There are a number of organizations that provide employee loans. If yours is one of them, the loan management system by Humantiz Infotiz Solutions LLC is what you need. The entire process of managing the loan according to the needs and policies of the company can be a mind-numbing affair. To make this process hassle-free, you can take the loan management system from Humantiz. Our loan management modules enable you to define loan benefits and help you manage them with ease. We also take care of the loan entitlement of the employees based on various parameters. The employees requesting loans can get their benefits only after it is approved post reviewing. The loan request, after approval, is converted into loan agreement which throws light on the terms and life of the loan.

With our loan management services, you can create admin account for defining the type of loan and its limits. There are two categories in our loan management system that includes Loan Master and Loan Application. The admin is the loan master while the employees can use the Loan Application to apply for loans. It also has Loan Approval and Loan Payment categories where the admin approves the loans and maintains records of EMIs paid, installments, remaining amount etc., respectively.

This loan management system helps the organization scale and even enhances its efficiency. It manages all the work from recording the data of the employees, who have taken a loan, to calculating the payroll after deducting the monthly loan installment. Without this system for managing loans, every task would need to be performed manually. While it enables the employers to keep a track of their employees who have taken a loan, it also facilitates the employees to apply for loans online without any manual paperwork.