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In any organization, having a leave policy that facilitates benefits for both the employer as well as the employees is a must. With the leave management software offered by Humantiz Infotiz Solutions LLC helps you create an employee-friendly leave policy that simultaneously benefits the organization as well. Our leave management software enables the HR team to keep a tab on the leaves of the employees and manage them accordingly. We have crafted an efficient leave management system that provides flexibility in leave modules. The leave management module helps your company’s HR team to constantly evolve the leave policy and align it with the employee as well as business needs.

The leave policy drafted by us ensures that the needs of both the employees as well as employers are met without hampering the work productivity. Moreover, our leave management policy is also compliant with the labor law to ensure that it is within the legal bounds. There are many features of the leave management policy offered by Humantiz. You can define the leave rules, check the leaves to decide the increment, check the leave balances, and keep track of the employees’ leaves on grounds of sickness, maternity, holidays, emergency etc.

The leave management system offered by Humantiz automatically: carries forward the unconsumed leaves, encashes the unused leaves, manages the monthly, yearly leave reports, allows leave payout on termination, and manage attendance as per the car swipes or biometric. This automated process of leave management saves the time of both the employees and the organization. It also reduces the cost as the system does all the work without any worker being employed to handle the processes. So, contact Humantiz now to get highly customizable, secure, and flexible leave management system for your organization.