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Fleet management is not just about managing the vehicles of an organization; it also includes deploying drivers for each vehicle and taking care of all the maintenance work of the vehicles. At Humantiz Infotiz Solutions LLC, we provide an effective and efficient fleet management software module to keep a close watch on each and every vehicle in the fleet. Apart from managing the fleet vehicles, our management system also manages the information obtained about accidents, litigations and insurance claims. Now you do not need to do all these jobs manually like the traditional fleet management, with the web-based fleet management system offered by Humantiz Infotiz, you get the best management service and that too while saving a lot of time and energy.

The collective data software for fleet management offered by Humantiz offers benefits like ease of operation, flexibility, ease of configuration, and high scalability. As the fleet master, you can view, add or edit the description of the vehicle including the brand, color, registration number, model number, number of doors etc., so that it can be easily identified. You can also use this system as a log book and keep all the car rental details, leasing contract details, the status of contract etc., in it.

Our fleet management system is one of its kinds that offer an all-inclusive service for managing the fleet. You can also get the information about the costs of the vehicle, fuel refills, and odometer readings to know the fines, monitor fuel consumption and track mileage respectively from our fleet management system.