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Employee Self Service or ESS is a web-based Human Resource system that lets the employees manage their information and tasks by themselves. Most of the Human Resource Internal Systems come with an employee self-service feature. For organizations that require an employee self-service feature, Humantiz Infotiz Solutions LLC has the perfect solution. Our HRMS service integrated with the ESS feature enables the organization to let its employees manage the tasks and jobs themselves.

There are a number of employee and job-related tasks for which a special HR team is hired. Right from updating the personal information to viewing and scheduling the payroll information, the human resource team needs to focus on various tasks that an employee can otherwise perform himself/herself. The employee self-service system helps the organizations in cutting down their costs by letting the employees do all the work.

The ESS system designed by Humantiz Infotiz reduces the paperwork done by HR, frees the HR team from performing mundane tasks so they can focus on administration, reduces the headcount, minimizes inaccuracy, boosts productivity, improves communication, and offers an opportunity for employee engagement.

For the companies employing remote workers for distant employees, this ESS system is a boon. It lets you keep a track of what the employees are doing in other offices. You can not only track their doings but also manage their punching timings, attendance etc., through our ESS system. This system also facilitates the employees to work on their information independently and even submit any requests, view history, inquire about benefit schemes etc.