While searching for accommodation, make sure that you have all the details about the stay including the price rates, room type, housekeeping services etc. Also, ensure that it can be conveniently reached out from the local areas and is not secluded in some isolated place. At Humantiz Infotiz Solutions LLC, we offer quick access coupled with rich information about the stay before you make any reservations. Our accommodation management system facilitates the users to check out the real-time rates, availability of rooms, guest profiles, etc. There are various tools available that streamline all your operations for accommodation reservation into a single platform.

With our accommodation system, we provide a centralized reservation display for various places where you might want to stay, according to your preferences. You can be your own Accommodation Master with the accommodation services offered by us. Not just accommodation, you can also get the details of your air tickets, schedules etc., on this system. With the Accommodation Sub-Master, you can keep a record of the details of the number of rooms or beds in hotels, camps etc.

Our accommodation system enables the user to add, view, or edit any room type in various venues at their desired price. The system user access account, created on this software, can also be edited as per the convenience. You can also set a particular format that can be used for all the room bookings to save time and energy. The accommodation scheduling module lets you view available rooms, view/add/edit the information of employees, update room bookings, get current booking information etc.